Submission Guidelines

The Horror Within welcomes your fiction, art, article pitches, and whatever else you’d like to show us (no junk shots plz). We do accept reprints. However, only original fiction and art is eligible to be included in our Best of The Horror Within annual anthology. If selected, you will be offered a separate contract for your work. The Horror Within does not ask for First Publishing Rights unless your work is selected for our anthology.

Art must be in .png, .pdf, or .jpg format. At least 300 dpi. We have no restrictions regarding content. We want you to show us something amazing and original, something you want the whole world to see. Send us a single piece or a portfolio. If your work is selected for our website, you will be invited to be interviewed by one of our contributors. We do not offer payment for content posted at our website–but we will pimp the hell out of it online. Honest.

Fiction and poetry must be in .doc or .docx format. Any .pdf and .rtf formats will not be read. Maximum length for submissions is 9,999 words. For longer or serial pieces, pitch us! Standard submission formatting applies. Cover letter should include a summary and short bio. Pieces submitted without a cover letter will not be read. 12 pt font, Times New Roman or similar. Allow 12 weeks for a response, and feel free to POLITELY inquire if we don’t hit you back by then.

We do accept reprints, provided you can verify that you hold the publishing rights. Currently, we do not offer payment for content posted on our website—but our marketing team wants your work to be seen as much as you do. We promise to pimp the hell out of it. Authors and artists chosen for our anthology will be offered a royalty share.

What are we looking for? We want to be frightened, unnerved, disturbed, shocked, and horrified. We want original content that is passionate, defies expectation, and is geared toward a readership that enjoys and devours horror. We have no limits on content. Any level of profanity, sexuality, gore, and depravity is welcome–but it must be integral to the telling of a gripping, suspenseful, or otherwise exceptional story. We’re all about strong storytelling. Make us afraid. Make us root for someone to succeed, to fail, to die, to survive. Make us feel. Make us desperate to find out how it ends. In short, bring us horror.

Still not sure what we’re into. Spend some time reading our content.

You’ll catch on quickly.

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