SCREAM : Boobs, Blood, Boys

A review of MTV’s SCREAM Season Two… and One by Mord McGhee for The Horror Within Magazine in which my comments are my own and do not reflect those of this magazine nor anyone else involved with it.

Yo! MTV. What’s going on? It’s been a long, long time since you and I sat down together. How’ve you been? Oh? Really? Yeah… I get it. I remember when you launched, I couldn’t peel myself away from you. I watched video after video late into the night. I loved music and television and when you came along, WOW! Knocked my socks off. You were amazing. So, what’s new?


MTV delving into the world of horror by means of a ‘teen soap’ direction. Why not marry two genres, it’s how Music Television was born right? Should be an easy formula: Boobs, blood, and boys. Um… no. After a dozen paragraphs of the reasons this show was disappointing I will instead simply say it didn’t do enough for me to register a single Great Cthulhu. The Old Ones will remain asleep.

I have a suggestion…

Instead of commercials, air classic music videos between each Scream scene. Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Nena, Madonna. Maybe a mix of television and music would be ground-breaking and cool…

…Oh, you gave up on that.


Never mind.

0.5 of 5 Great Cthulhus and the only points are for the hard work by the talented people involved in the project and the marketing of the show.  A for effort, D- for execution. All bad? Okay, the special effects and cinematography are fine.

Until next time remember it’s only horror, not a slap to the franchise’s face.

Yours truly,










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