It’s a Hard Life for Teens in The Lakeview Cabin Collection

Teenagers don’t tend to live very long in slasher films. Neither does anybody else, really, but teenagers, overall, have the hardest time with the villains of these films. Maybe with a careful hand to guide them, they could hope to survive their run-ins with these dangerous killers, though, which is where you come in for The Lakeview Cabin Collection. A lighthearted, yet gory game based off of many famous 70’s and 80’s slashers, you’ll be laughing at references while screaming at the approach of its stable of murderers.

The Lakeview Cabin Collection is split into chapters, each based off of different movies like Friday the 13th or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In each chapter, you’ll have control over four teenagers, and you can switch between them at will. You can make these kids smash each other with guitars, run each other over with motorcycles, get drunk and screw, or whatever you really want to do. They’re game for whatever you feel they should be up to. Any item that’s lying around is up for grabs with a simple button press, so feel free to pick up anything and play around with it.


Just having these teens interact is entertaining, given the silly art style. The chubby characters look great with their huge moustaches and giant heads, making everything seem a little more playful even when things start to get gruesome. Accidentally blowing everyone up with a gas can or falling into a wood chipper is funny when it happens to these smiling little characters. This has the added bonus of making the game’s gory moments more approachable for people who aren’t fans of hyper-realistic violence.

You’re going to want to keep some of these kids alive to deal with the killer, though. As fun as it may be to end teenage lives (who’s the real villain, here? Is it THE PERSON AT THE CONTROLS?), you’re supposed to be coming up with a plan to deal with the killer(s). Does that involve luring the killer past a house where you’re hiding with a shotgun? Dropping a wind vane on him by kicking it over from a zip line? Throwing chickens at his face? All of the items that you’ve been killing your friends with can work on the killer, although don’t expect him to go down easily. These chapters are based on slashers, and after 6+ films for some of these killers, you know they’ll be back on their feet the moment you turn your back on them.


This means that finding the killer’s weakness helps. Each killer is weak to a certain item that stuns them, making it far easier to take them down. Finding that weakness involves experimenting with items, which encourages you try everything on the boss. Can of paint? Might work. Weird swirly-looking thing that just makes lights? Could be it. There are tons of items in each chapter, and while not all of them seem immediately useful, you never know which one will work best on the killer. At least it’s funny when you use the wrong item on the killer and get hacked apart, though.

The various chapters require different amounts of planning. If you’re more interested in fighting killers than in coming up with complex strategies, the chapter based off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is for you. In it, you just have to attack a mansion filled with many weaker killers to escape, encouraging ambushes and bloody combat. If you want to be more methodical and plan something complicated, the Friday the 13th chapter works best. You really need to think if you want to take down the one relentless, strong killer in that chapter. If you want to be surprised, hang out too long in the chapter selection area and see what happens. These initial three areas provide varied challenges for the people who play them, giving you a little something no matter what style you prefer.


Keeping these poor kids alive is very, very hard, though. The killers are either extremely resilient or have numbers on their side, and it only takes a few screw-ups to end up with a van filled with dead teenagers. You’ll need to get used to failure if you ever intend to win, but since each run teaches you a little something about which items to use or how the killer behaves, you slowly improve. At worst, it’s still funny to see these kids get taken out by the killers, so no run is totally wasted. Where else are you going to see your head get caved open by a giant baby with an axe, anyway?

There’s still more to see, too. Hypnohustler Games, the maker of the game, are working on creating new chapters to add to the game based off of movies like Alien, Halloween, and more. These will be added onto the game later for free, so there is lots more to come in the following months. Soon, you too can get teenagers killed in space!


Lighthearted and bloody all at once, The Lakeview Cabin Collection captures the silliness and menace of slasher films. It will be hard to guide a group of teenagers out of the clutches of these killers, and few will likely survive, but maybe you’ll be lucky or smart enough to keep someone alive for the sequel. In the meantime, go play your guitar at the campfire. Skinny dip. Get laid. Life is short, so you may as well play around with what you can while you can. Just listen for the telltale sounds of that chainsaw in the night as it revs for you.

The Lakeview Cabin Collection is available for $9.99 on Steam.

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