Hollingsworth Webster and the art of The Horror Within



Hollingsworth Webster is our go-to artist here at The Horror Within.  We’re big fans of his slick style and willingness to create our graphics even when we need them in a huge rush.  You’ll find the graphic genius of Hollingsworth Webster all over our website.  A piece of his art works as the header on all of our category pages.  He’s also responsible for our masthead–which is what we call the fancy way we post the title of this website.



Nice, eh?

Trivia: The “W” in The Horror Within is also the logo of me, Wednesday Lee Friday.  When my first book was published, I had all these great ideas about branding and having a cool logo.  Hollingsworth designed some kickass business cards for me with my logo on them.  

In case that’s not cool enough, I later sent this logo design to the proprietess of StoneHouseArts, one of my fave Etsy stores.  Artist Kyra Schon (you know her, she’s Karen from Night of the Living Dead) designed a pendant based on the design.  I swear, it’s the most coolest thing I own.  First she madKyraLogoColore a wax sculpture that I got to see before it became 168754_10150129861363854_3199807_nan actual pendant.  I presume that the different colors of wax are of different hardnesses depending on what needs to be sculpted.  Obviously, after seeing this design I couldn’t wait for Kyra to get to the finished piece…which she totally did.  Below is the finished necklace as it sits around my neck.  I ended up shortening the cord so it would sit higher on my neck.  I wear mostly crew necks and I wanted it to be totally visible.  I’m sure you can understand why.

Hollingsworth Webster is also the lead graphic artist for our advertising department.  We’ll have ad space opening up soon, and those who buy ads from us have the option of having their ad designed by Hollingsworth for a small fee.  We’ll keep you posted.

We’re big fans of art here at The Horror Within.  We’d love to feature one of your favorite terrifying, brutal, or otherwise disturbing bits of art.  We accept illustrations, graphic designs, photography, finger paintings–whatever you’re into.  We want to show it off to our readers.  We also want to interview artists who are passionate about horror.  Shoot us an Email with a piece or portfolio you want the horror community to start buzzing about.







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