Hannah Forman and the women of the Ax Wound Film Festival

Even if you don’t know it, you’ve probably already heard of Ax Wound Film Festival organizer, Hannah Forman. Under the non-Facebook-approved name Hannah Neurotica, she was the founder of Women in Horror Month. Every February, Hannah reminds horror fans the world over that women in horror are more than half-naked blood-drenched models (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Women in Horror are infinitely more diverse than hot chicks running through the woods away from mask-wearing psychos (though again, those aren’t all bad). Women in Horror are writers, directors, photographers, special-effects pros, actors, editors, and of course—those who organize.

This year, Hannah has organized the Ax Wound Film Festival, which boasts thirty-four (that’s right 34) short horror films directed by women. These run the gamut from big-budget projects to those made on a shoestring budget—and from zombies to slashers to supernatural stuff you’ve probably never even thought of. And people, you do NOT want to miss it. The details?


Ax Wound Film Festival

Saturday, October 10th (Year of our lord 2015)

Hooker-Dunham Theatre and Gallery

Brattleboro, Vermont


$5 wristbands will get you into the whole damn thing.


In addition to seeing all the kickass shorts, those holding wristbands can also take part in a Q&A featuring a selection of directors from the festival. Also appearing are Jay Kay of Horror Happens Radio, and a tease of the new documentary podcast, My Final Girl: The Black Women of 70’s horror. Expect there to be raffles for sweet prizes and autographed merch, tons of free swag, and some of the most talented women working in horror today.


As if that’s not enough awesomeness, 50% of all profits from Ax Wound Film Festival go to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. Which means even if you’re nowhere near Vermont, you might should still buy a ticket.

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