11.22.63 A review of HULU original series

A review of Stephen King’s 11.22.63, a HULU original 8 part series event by Mord McGhee.

Take my hand and we’ll step into the rabbit hole and either stop Lee Harvey Oswald or go back in time and stop our subscription to HULU. Read to find out which I think makes more sense.

“OH COME ON!” my eyes rolled.

This is one of my favorite all-time books, “and they cast James Franco as the lead?” He’s funny, I get it. I liked his end of the world stoner thing because Hermione played a bad-ass cameo. I liked him hosting Saturday Night Live… the rest meh.  That said, I’ve never let one character turn me away from something I find interesting. The book was amazing and even if they cast Roger Rabbit as the lead, I’m tuning in.

I’ve watched a ton of Stephen King adaptations and the good news: I’m accustomed to disappointment (Under the Dome, Maximum Overdrive, etcetera). As far as the books go, I’ve only read one King novel I didn’t care for. All the others (and I have read a bundle) rock! That being said, it was time to bite the bullet and overcome the biggest hurdle to see this original series. I found a computer, created an account, updated my Xbox, figured out the interface, and paid for a subscription to HULU… just for one show. 

“OH COME ON!” my eyes widened.

“THAT WAS THE END OF THE EPISODE?!” I wanted more… in fact, I’ve said the same thing week after week. Holy shit… has HULU done the unexpected and turned James Franco into a brilliant leading man, adapted a fabulous book into hours of riveting television, AND stayed mostly true to the master of modern horror’s vision? HELLZ YEAH!

If you have the JFK assassination bug at all- this program is for you.

If you loved the past and the way things tasted better and people were friendlier- this program is for you.


Is it worth the subscription? Absolutely. I’m now a torn man because I want to keep Netflix, HULU, and regular cable but I know that there is no way I can keep up with all of it unless I find a rabbit hole in the back of the local diner where I can step back in time (to last week), watch TV, and then come back to the future again so I can watch some more.

Forget everything you know about the events of the past as they are told to us by history, forget all you think you know about time travel from science fiction, suspend disbelief, and climb into the Plymouth Fury we know and love as Christine, and hang on for one wild ride.

The acting is great, the adaptive writing is so tight it’s award-worthy, and the mystery intermingles brilliantly around one of the greatest tragedies of the last hundred years. The only thing I sometimes get distracted by are minor editing gaffs. I won’t get into them because they do not take away from the fun at all.

4.3 out of 5 Great Cthulhus… again ONLY because it costs a monthly subscription to watch one TV show. Other than that, it’s perfect. Kudos to Mr. King, HULU Films, and everyone involved in the making of this superior program. 11.22.63 on HULU is a complete opposite to what television did to UNDER THE DOME. They left brilliant brilliant.

Until next time, remember it’s only horror… not a shot from the Grassy Knoll.







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